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1. 2590/5590 Battery Box

This product is designed around battery packs that are commonly used in military equipment. In this design, the battery pack includes electronics to charge the battery as well as generate regulated outpost. It includes an AC adapter that charges the battery, as well as powers the load when connected to most common AC sources around the world. It can be operated on most external DC sources making it operable on commercial as well as military vehicles. It provides UPS functionality using the battery pack when the AC or DC source is removed. The battery pack is also removable for depot level charging.

2. High-Efficiency DC/DC Converter

Our open frame power solution can generate up to 250W of power from a range of DC input sources with efficiency ranging from 83% to 93%.

3. Wide Range AC, DC & Battery UPS 

This open frame power solution is intended for fly-away-kits. It is a designed to integrate the varying power requirements of several different pieces of communication equipment into one package. This power solution is designed to operate on worldwide AC, vehicular DC and/or battery backup sources. It generates up to 300W of combined power on 5 different outputs and weighs less than 3 lbs.

4. Type 1 Encryptor Power Supply 

This complete solution was developed to power a type-1 encryptor from an external DC source. It has built-in intelligence to provide power only after output voltage rails stabilized. This allows our customers to integrate the power supply in an enclosed housing without having to access the power switch.

5. 3kW UPS with DC & AC Outputs 

This provides uninterrupted power to various communications equipment on a military vehicle and was designed and manufactured as a complete solution, which included third-party testing for compliance or various standards. It powers various peripherals. This solution operates on a range of AC, DC and battery inputs.

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